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The basic principle of Volumetric Solutions: The solution which we want to analyze contains a chemical of unknown amount then the reagent reacts with that chemical of unknown amount in the presence of an indicator to show the endpoint reaction.

Volumetric solutions are one of the most common Solutions (techniques) which generally used in analytical laboratories to determine the concentration of a dissolved substance. For various laboratory application, we offer a large range of volumetric solutions which are ready to use.

Volumetric solution is also known as…

An analytical volumetric solution (also called titrant, standard titrant or standard solution) is a reagent of known concentration that is added from a burette or other dispensing apparatus to a sample (analyte) until a reaction between the two liquids is judged to be complete.

Application Oriented Quality Products

Volumetric Solutions products met the toughest regulatory standards for quality & pureness. In-addition chemist/Lab technicians recommend our all cUSP brand solutions, which really save their time & energy and get accurate result.

Over 250 standards and solutions for quality control in pharmaceutical companies.

  • Ready to use solution
  • 100% Recommended by technician.
  • Product COA/SDS available
  • Labelled with minimum shelf life/batch number
  • Follow standard disposal

Quick & easy to dilute under optimal conditions.

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